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...got another CT scan showing now evidence...

Was that supposed to be "no" or "new"? The answer will change my feelings on this post.

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Phew. I can stay happy now!

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Much nicer description than when I had mine done. My doc described it as follows:

"First we shoot you in the testicles with a pellet gun." Needle-less anaesthetic gun works like the old fashions single pump pellet guns.

"Then I'm going to poke a hole with some needle-nose pliers. Pull the one tube out, clamp down with some vise-grips and burn it with a soldering iron." I'm sorry. What?

"Then we repeat on the other side."

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What side effects? There is no change in testosterone levels or anything else. The testicles still function as they normally would they just can't deliver the sperm to the launch chamber.

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It's a myth. They don't remove the sperm factories. They just block the delivery chute.