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Heya Mr. Gaffney. I have been following and playing games that you have made/produced for over a decade now. I have a couple of questions in case you would be obliged to answer.

  1. Although Ultima Online 1 created a huge community based system that allowed for much drama, and fun, the Patron/Vassel system in Asherons Call bore out the development of the Mega-Guild system that we see in many more sandbox development titles. A. Was the original intention to create this, or was it merely achieved through the min/max mentality that players bore? B. Do you think it benefited the MMO community overall? I ask the second question, as even though I no longer lead a Megaguild anymore, that I played and still have many friends now that were guild leaders of the other guilds, like Blood, and House of Sagacious from Darktide. It seems that recent mentality in MMO communities is that guilds that are too huge are bad for games now by a lot of people newer to the MMO Market.

  2. As someone that developed many games that have been considered by many to be extremely successful, even if not topping out at 5 million subs. What do you personally feel defines a successful MMO. I am not just stating this from a content only position, but also in regards to subscriptions versus further development.

  3. Finally. What lesser played MMO do you think brought the most to our gaming world, even though many missed the opportunity to try it out!

Thanks Much! I know I am late to the party!

Avengedx5 karma

Any chance you jumped into Elanthia in GS3? If so, sorry if I murdered you a couple of times. =P Also thank you very much for your response, and every game that you have come out with, or been a part of. I have had more hours of happiness through your games then any other form of TV based entertainment has given me!