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In my early teens my friends and I stumbled across a gold mine. A Discovery Zone that did not correctly dispose of its tickets. They just got bagged up and thrown in the garbage can. Often times with scraps of real garbage, but sometimes in entirely clean bags. We snatched those bags from the dumpster for a whole month before acting on our plan.

We counted them up and rubber banded them into stacks of 1k. Then smuggled in a few hundred thousand. First thing we did was to hand out a few thousand to random younger kids. Partly to be cool, but mostly to act as a smoke screen. Then when things started getting a little crazy with kids buying tons of shit we swooped in and bought every top shelf item.

The kid working the counter had no idea how to handle someone actually buying the bikes and remote controlled cars. They had to cut the bikes off the wall.

Who do you think got chewed out for that you think? I’m hoping it was just some manager who had to explain why he needed another bike. Anything similar ever happen on your watch?

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HAHAHA I was so confused about that fact that you were A) being sarcastic and B) had switched to talking about food... I was like "This guy came up with some kind of rubber cheeseburger you fuck? and it may or may not have 2 orifices?"

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Hi Guys,

Are you worried that the current performance of the game will scare away the general public? The industry standard is that the words open beta really just mean "Free Publicity Demo". Where as MWO is in a state where there are highly visible bugs slapping you in the face from the instant you boot up, which will also be compounded by the fact that anyone logging on around the open beta launch date will have to deal with overcrowded servers.

What is your personal, not at all speaking from a PR perspective, view on Lore breaking mechs like the Gausepult or some of the more extreme laser boats?

Do you ever regret not just lying and telling people "No Clans. Not Now. Not Ever." just so people wouldn't waste their time fixating and filling the forums with post about the clans instead of talking about the game as it is now?

Do you personally believe that organized pre-made groups should be segregated from the general population to stop them from outperforming poorly organized random groups?

If you had the ability to Brute force one feature or piece of content into the game, and it would work flawlessly, by next patch, what would it be?