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Avarith3 karma

I've wondered for a long time what a large, decentralized community connected by the web can accomplish. Whenever I research forms of internet collaboration for the common good (World Community Grid, Kiva, Tor, and so on) I find myself always coming back to your fantastic website. It's structure is fascinatingly simple. But at the same time, the pictures you gather are crucial to my appreciation of world events. So a few questions:

  1. Can you conceive of a reality where the majority of your pictures came from unaffiliated individuals? You mention elsewhere that a whopping 90 percent of your images come through the wire. Do you see this as a somewhat permanent arrangement?

  2. Is there anything you want us to help with? Think creatively here.

  3. Do you think other people could do the work you do (parsing though images to create a narrative about a world event) and come together to share their picture-based stories?

Thanks for posting here. Your work is remarkable and important. Also, you seem like a swell dude.