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So, OOC (as someone who has worked overseas in aid and development before) how accurate do you think your responses are to call center follow-ups when the recipients know their answers determine whether or not the source of their money will shut off? People desperate for income will say and do anything to keep the money flowing, as we all would. That desperation actually increases when they see you as an endless supply of money and they want to protect it.

Good luck to you and your project. I have quite a few doubts based on my experiences in underdeveloped and developing countries, and my doubts about basic income's impact on economies, but I applaud any novel approach and heartfelt attempts to actually fix a problem and hope you happen upon some magic key in your work.

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There's a very real disconnect between the people who are academic, big picture thinkers and the real gritty world "where the rubber meets the road." Bridging that gap is insanely difficult these days because you can't talk to the macro folks without them worry about perceptions of 'isms' that are completely irrelevant on the ground, and they usually don't want to hear about why something won't work, and become difficult to work with in overcoming those limitations to just solve the problem.

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wide range of fields.


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I don't deal with anything on this scope. Just survivor's guilt for a while. It's passed for the most part.

If your brother could come back and tell you, I'm sure he'd tell you that he's your brother and he doesn't want you carrying that pain. Put yourself in that position, if your boy was responsible for your death in a tragic accident, would you want him to feel the way you do about it? Instead, would you want him to embrace his life, remember you for the good times, and live a long and fruitful life?

Not sure if you are religious or spiritual, but if there's immortal souls that make us what we are, you know he's wanting nothing but comfort and joy for you. If not, had he seen this coming somehow, would he tell you the same thing?

Embrace your joys in life, share them with him, live them in his honor. Everything you felt about him, he felt about you, and that's where you need to start.