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waves from Denver Keep up the good work! Two questions:

(1) How do you think this developing Trump/Russia scandal is going to play out? (Do you think President Trump will last a full term?)

(2) What is the best way we Coloradans can resist and combat the Trump regime?

Thank you.

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Most of (4) comes from the left, who seek Single Payer Universal Health Care.

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What about the empirical evidence that libertarian economics don't work? For example, compare Kansas to Colorado or California right now. Kansas cut taxes, California raised them, and the latter is doing better than the former, economically.

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Yes, because it's bad for kids to spend time with their parents, learn a new language, learn about the world, and gain a lifetime of confidence.

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Just want to say hi, Zach. I'm a 56 year old lesbian mom of 3. My oldest daughter is 23 and about to graduate from college. I'm proud of her and I'm proud of you. Please give my regards to your moms. I hope your mom with health issues is doing well. I imagine that growing up in Iowa might have been a bit rougher than growing up in Denver. Anyway, happy to (virtually) meet you.