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I’m a grad student studying psychology and neuroscience. This is essentially bad science. There aren’t a whole lot of lucid dreaming studies bc it can be difficult to distinguish normal REM sleep from lucid dreaming. Most of the studies I’ve seen have measured it through dream diaries, and the literature itself notes that it needs to improve the rigor of the methodology in this field. The idea that “you’re interacting with your subconscious” and this somehow relates to mental health is not a scientifically valid take and is essentially pop-psychology. I would be very wary of anyone making these sorts of broad sweeping claims.

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Just how bad are things in Cambodia right now? You don't hear a lot about it in American media.

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Not neuropsych, but psychology here.

For starters, the "dopamine release that comes with task switching" is something I have never even heard reference to. It's like he pulled it straight out of his ass.

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What is your best life advice?

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I'm currently doing research on the Psychological Refractory Period, as summarized by Jiang, Saxe, and Kanwisher (2004). Basically, it's a theory that there's a bottleneck to the amount of information you can handle at once- a lot of the research I've read has to do with task switching. Not once have I ever read mention of any negative impacts on brain physiology by frequent task switching. I have zero idea where OP is getting this from.