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Will you be going into space? Why would you quit spaceX? What asteroid do you plan on mining first? What got you started into asteroid mining? How did all of you meet with the same goal?

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I could see that happening trying to go to bed after being the the bathroom and you push off as hard as you can and bonk your head on the wall. Thanks for answering! That is life dream to go into space for any time period, I think it is so marvelous the views and such.

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Was your first space trip outrageously fun? Was transitioning to 0G weird/freaky? Would you ever want to go back? What is the closest thing you can think of 0G?

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How did you end up working for NASA, was there an ad in the news paper or something? We're you confident that you got the job after the interview or whatever they did? Would you ever go into space again if offered?