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Good morning, Drea! Firstly, thankyou for years of entertainment on the best tv shows ever created. You are truly incredible :). I would like to ask you, ‘which character that you have played is the most like you and why’?

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What are some of your tattoos and what do they represent? :)

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Thankyou for the reply!! :) Love you!

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Awesome!! Thankyou for the response! I have been lucky enough to meet you & you do NOT look like you spent some time in the can, haha! You're too awesome!!

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Can you please tell us about the upcoming series, Pleasant Avenue, that you are creating with your mum?

What made you decide to make your own reality series and what was the experience of filming it like? When can we expect to see full episodes of The Muthaship? (The teasers are hilarious, by the way!)

Do you prefer living in New York or Los Angeles & why?