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I'm doing a lot of tech in high school. I'm currently ASMing for our next high school show and I'm the calling SM for the show after, and then ASMing for a large community theatre in our city after that (probably the first or second most well known in the city). Next summer I can get paid for ASMing at the community theatre. (In terms of the actual in-class production work I do for the shows I am on our props crew. Next year I'll be a junior crewhead, hoping to be company manager my senior year).

Do you have any advice for getting into more work or seeing things backstage in a more professional setting, even just as observation? I might email the city's Repertory Theatre but I'm not sure I'd even get a response. What is the best way to get involved on a larger level to decide if tech is something I might want to major/minor in? Also, what sort of fly system do you have? Our school just has a pretty standard 30 batten system, probably each a foot or so apart (more for our elecs). For shows with flying we usually hire a company to use their equipment.