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They get prescribed pain meds they don't like to take but keep getting the scripts and they sell them at half the price of what a street dealer would sell them at, or sell the whole pill bottle at a quick discount price.

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I'd say call Health and Human Services and ask for an investigation after bringing it up with a guidance counselor

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Hello, I’m currently addicted to gaming as a form of unhealthy stress management and escapism from reality. I think it may have something to do with severe depression because I have everything outside of gaming to be happy about, it just seems I’m itching to game to forget about all of that, maybe to feel content, or at peace and to shut everything out.

I never have my friends on PlayStation anymore it seems, they all have lives but I’m unable to cope with realizing that, and feel like video games are a comfort from my childhood, something I haven’t been able to move on from.

How can I work with this? I want to moderate or break my game time up, but I’m 23 now and have been playing since I was 3, and I believe this was the only coping mechanism I developed from a stressful childhood.

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Ah so that’s why r/legoyoda was banned

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When you’re the one “legal” producer of mushrooms and you’re required to grow them under an extremely controlled environment to reduce chances of contamination or chemical loss for extraction, and tasked specifically with supplying the medium for crucial research, you become an opportunist. Especially when the ball is in your court.