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I’m in the same boat. Job, gone. Savings, quickly depleting. Anxiety, at an all time high.

What’s honestly helping me get through it is to remind myself how privileged I really am in this situation. I have a comfortable house to wait out isolation in. I have a beautiful neighborhood to stroll daily and take in the wild life. I have enough money to purchase weeks worth of groceries at a time to limit exposure. I have wonderful friends to talk to daily to help me through the rough patches. A lot of people don’t have these things. I know myself, even just 5-10 years ago wouldn’t have these things and my stress would be even worse.

Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, I don’t have any of this either. So, think about what you do have. There is always going to be someone out there who is in a much worse situation than you are. Reminding myself of how any of those people would love to have any of the conveniences I have available really keeps me humble and reminds me its really not so bad. Yes, the situation sucks and it’s scary. But in the grand scheme of things, it’s really not that awful for me (or you!).

I’m bad with words, but I think you might get it.

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Isn’t it kinda gross how the generally “attractive” staff has access to amenities and the “lesser than” staff literally has to scurry around the guests like they’re fucking servants?

I (regrettably) cruised in January on a family trip and the way the majority of the staff was treated/expected to act was truly upsetting.

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How do the Ohio parks rank next to Pawnee, Indiana’s parks, Leslie?