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Fun fact, CCP (the guys who made EVE) has an in-house economist doctorate in order to manage and maintain the economy and trends of EVE's markets! Marketplace activity is even considered PVP by some!

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I'd like to point people towards at least the Rumsfeld memo dated 27 NOV 2001, as well as the story of Curveball, an Iraqi chemical engineer who faked his story to gain expedited immigration status, and the resultant presentation Powell made to the UN in '04 largely based around the assumption that this story was true.

I'd also like to invite people to watch Ken Burns's Vietnam and draw the almost-direct parallels of American foreign policy throughout the entire war, as well as the "Vietnamization" plans Nixon had vs. the mission of today's SFABs, as well as the "success" of said SFABs.

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You know, funny, now that I think about it, GLaDOS WAS efficient.

Maybe not polite, buuuuut who says she needs to be.

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I've heard it called as "cherry-picking" of intelligence, but yeah, same idea. Spycast had fantastic interviews regarding this process where senior analysts were basically re-enacting that one skit where google tells that one woman the 1,000 sources that say vaccines don't cause autism, but one source says it does.

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Hey man, huuuuuge fan of your work. Anytime it snows where I live, I endlessly listen to Soon It Will Be Cold Enough. What was your inspiration for that album, and do you go about recording a lot of acoustic samples yourself?