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It's probably in your book but since I haven't read that - do you think a multi-state solution, breaking up the country in several smaller countries, would help things? I know the idea was discussed a decade ago (and without a doubt before and after that as well). Afghani regions seem to be quite ethnically distinct and decentralization might help some regions in getting some form of peace and stability. But it might also leave other regions to the whims of local warlords, even more than already is the case. Any insights from an Afghan perspective?

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I am no expert at all on stuff like this; in which country do you have to pay income taxes? Country where the ship is registered or something like that?

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Thanks. Your book is not available as ebook (yet?) over here (Europe), but I will certainly put it on my list.

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Hi David! Sorry, don't think I have a question related to (the topic of) your new book. Hope you like to answer on other subjects as well!

You're the FT's main man in Africa, right? I work in Asset Management and before that I worked for one of the world's biggest utility companies. In both jobs I see/saw it happen that we see opportunities in Africa, but ultimately decide against investing there for two main reasons: lack of infrastructure and political instability. When I was young and naïve I expected this to be a very temporary thing and was sure that Africa was going to be the next China/India. But in all those years (about 12 years now), I really don't see a change in this respect. This always fascinates me somehow. When talking about Africa, I exclude South Africa, BTW.

  1. Is Africa really hardly making any progress at all?
  2. What exactly is refraining Africa from entering the world stage as a "serious" player?
  3. Do you foresee a better future for Africa or will things remain the same in the short to medium run?

Thanks for answering!

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Zijn kokosnoten specerijen?