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No its not out of reach for the average Joe. I found this site through another site owner on YouTube. I purchased the 5 acre property for well under the normal 300k+ asking price for a Titan 2 and did it with owner financing. Anyone with a full time job can afford one if they skip things like food.

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Well yes since there are no bats. I don't like talking about man holes anyway.

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I plan on letting everyone else ruin the world first then come out a couple of months later. Much easier to take over then ;-)

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My total investment to date is just over 20k, including mortgage payments and construction which equals about $2,300 per month of construction and $1,000 mortgage and utilities. Construction costs are up to the person doing it and how fast they want to do the work, pay contractors or do themselves. Even an apartment costs more than $1,000 per month most places these days. I'm not saying that's my situation. I don't work at McDonalds and I have a whole life away from missile silos but it could be done by people with less resources. My advise to those who want to own a site is don't self disqualify. Try your best and "Make them tell you no".

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Its an ongoing conversation. The wife doesn't understand it but as long as I limit the monthly spending on construction she "allows" it. The goal is that when its done we can decide to keep it or sell it for a profit. I am being very careful not to do anything that doesn't increase the value of the site.