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I actually just quit. Definitely taper down. Go check out r/quittingkratom there’s quitting and taper guides and a good community to help you out.

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Holy shit I’m so sorry this happened. I can’t be of any help but I just wanted to say that this fucking sucks but if you did it once maybe you can again sometime? You’ve accomplished more with your life than most people on the planet have just by starting the business. Life sucks but you don’t, good luck.

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I think if we never died, we would still be “human” but our entire identity would be completely different. Death is what humbles us and keeps us down to Earth. It’s what reminds powerful men that they’re not gods, and without it nothing would be the same I think.

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Okay I’m not a fan of him but we have to be fair. That was in NO way his fault. Anyone with half a fucking brain should know not to do that.

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I find it really upsetting and almost disrespectful that psychologists are now telling people they might experience PTSD from being in quarantine. I’ve been hearing the term “quarantine PTSD” way more than I see appropriate.

I thought PTSD is supposed to be the result of something traumatic like sexual assault, or having to kill children in war. Not from having to be alone for a couple months without your favorite restaurant and friend. I could see how this would apply if someone lost some family members to the virus but beyond that I think using PTSD to describe quarantine really downplays and takes away from the gravity of the actual disorder and is disrespectful to the people who have it. This disorder fucks people up beyond belief and can make them a shell of the person they once were. Quarantine will not do that.

This is just my take but you guys are the professionals so what’s your opinion?