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AtWorkRightMeow2 karma

April 13 2013 you came to the basement of Webster Hall, NY for your Boss Wave Tour and put on one of the best shows that my close friends and I rate higher than any show/festival we have ever been to. Recently it seems however, that most dubstep venues have turned into a big Trap Scene.

My first question is do you see alot of dubstep artists evolving their style to trap now and why? Second question is can you please come back to Webster Hall and remind everyone how amazing dubstep shows can really be?

ONE OF US! http://imgur.com/WEbrYVZ

Also my friend wants to know if you kept the Boss Wave Robot and if so how many times you've have sex it in? Love the new song man keep it up.

AtWorkRightMeow1 karma

Thanks for not taking the easy route and producing amazing music man. Much love from the NY/NJ area! Can't wait to see you back out here again!