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AtLeastSomeOne2 karma

Five questions: 1. How close are we to a proper AI moderation of content? Did you talk to a techie who is actually working on this stuff?

  1. What is the situation with other platforms like Twitter and YouTube? Especially YouTube, given the scale. Quite sure people try to upload a lot of gore and disturbing stuff there all the time.

  2. Just like there’s a central database of hashes for matching child porn, why aren’t the videos that are being taken down stores as a database, to avoid re upload? And more importantly, they should rather make these hashes public so that other platforms can also proactively block them.

  3. Finally, do you personally think that it is a strong possibility that there is no solution for this problem? That AI never goes with 100% reliability. Number of videos will keep going up and so will number of moderators.

  4. Will platforms like Snapchat — that allow only selected public accounts/publishers to broadcast to large audience — finally have their day?