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You clearly realize human life takes precedence over ideological divides and that the best way to combat hatred is certainly not with more hatred. Even the most stubborn, hateful, and indoctrinated minds can be changed (or, at the very least, made to question themselves) with acts of kindness as powerful as what you did. Do you think Albert began to question his beliefs after you saved him? Also, were you afraid of bodily injury or harm to yourself during the event?

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Is it likely that Futurama could live on past the final 13 episodes of the 7th season? Additionally, what was it like working with Matt Groening?

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How many of your diseases are due to genetic defects? What type of genetic defect/defects do you have that can cause this many diseases to occur simultaneously? Were there any environmental factors that you are aware of that may have contributed to the manifestation of some of these diseases? Lastly, how many other people have you met (online or otherwise) with a similar amount of diseases?

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If you're into the psychology of that happenstance, check out the Stanford Prison Experiment. It shows how giving one group nearly ultimate power over another group exacerbates their use and abuse of control. People in positions of power, gone unchecked, can be very dangerous. EDIT: Wording