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A 30 meter serviceable space telescope with imaging and spectral capabilities from 0.3-100 microns.

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No, it is not a paradox at all, both in the formal logical sense and in the sense that there is not much to explain, as you say, because we've barely looked.

Keep in mind Fermi's original articulation of the "paradox" was why, if the Galaxy has technological life, they aren't *here right now.* To answer this, I would point to the Earth. Humans have had the time and technology to go to every single part of the planet many times over for centuries, but most parts of the planet have no obvious sign of humans or their technology. Somewhere, an ant analog of Enrico Fermi is in the anthill cafeteria, pondering the existence of humans and asking the table, "where is everybody?".

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This is a trick question.

"Best" is a superlative, and so qualifiers like "very" are oxymoronic, implying that there are multiple "best" cheeses, with some being more "best" than others.

Also, cheeses occupy a range of flavor and culinary dimensions, and so the most appropriate cheese depends on a the particular dish or occasion for eating it. So no cheese can be the "best" in a generic sense.

Also, gouda is the very best cheese.

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Persistent narrowband radio transmissions or laser pulses.

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Definitely a horse-sized duck.

Birds’ bones are optimized for weight and flying, and many are hollow. The surface area to volume ratio of a horse is much lower for a duck, and so the weight the duck’s bones must support will grow with size much faster than the ability of the bones to support it.

A horse-sized duck would be pretty fragile. If it could even stand, I doubt it would survive even the small amount of fight-for-your-life violence I could muster.

On the other hand, 100 of anything would be very hard to fight, especially assuming that they are out for blood (I’m assuming that I was their choice for opponent because they deemed me easier to kill than some other silly alternative). Duck-sized anythings don’t sound very dangerous, but I suspect most people that think that way end up like Dennis Nedry.