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Ford killed the Ranger claiming the small truck market dried up, but Toyota continues to sell buttloads of Tacomas. Why not try to push to innovate in the market yourselves? I think you'd be surprised how much demand there is out there for the first company that makes a compelling smaller truck with a diesel engine that gets 30mpg highway. I'd sell my GTI for that, no joke.

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My longtime girlfriend has RSD/CRPS. I have a huge appreciation for how difficult this is to go through and to be a caretaker for. It is sometimes agonizing just to have to watch and comfort her when she's having a bad pain day, knowing there's not really anything I can do to help in the short term, feeling helpless, so I can barely picture what it is like to experience first hand. She has gone through Ketamine treatment though, and it has helped considerably, so I wish you the best of luck.