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Assort376 karma

Everytime I see a story similar to this I get taken on an emotional roller-coaster.

On one hand, I feel jealous to the point where the word loses its meaning in terms of the value I'm aiming for. Then comes the inspiration and thoughts of how big your balls must have been to actually travel to different countries facing potential life threatening diseases, wildlife, and the cruelty of nature. Not to mention you guys could have been kidnapped or killed by some random person looking for organs to play with.

On the other hand, I feel angry and a little bit depressed inside. To experience the reality of life, and holy shit are those kayaks and IS THAT A WHALE? A FUCKING GRIZZLY BEAR? Rowing in those boats must have been some intense serene moment. The thoughts that must have gone through your mind while actually doing it. It makes me mad that I don't have the balls to do it, maybe one day far ahead...

I would like you to recall some of the scariest moments of your journey and some of the most profound and thought provoking "HOLY SHIT WTF IS THIS REAL LIFE" moments you guys had.