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What is the largest kind of grape today? Also, do you grape people in the mouth?

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Okay, so I have a question. I was stationed in Norfolk and I can vividly remember that WBC was protesting a funeral I was at. Now, the patriot guard showed up to counter protest followed by the KKK. Yeah, the KKK showed up to counter protest the WBC. In your opinion, how is it that an organization can continue to survive even when they are hated by literally the entire country?

I'm glad you got out of it, I really am. I hope you're doing better now for all it matters too. However, if it's not too bold of me, I wish horrible things on Shirley Phelps-Roper. Horrible horrible things.

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Trucker here. No, it won't affect it. Computers fail and glitch all the time. Have one manage an 80,000lb vehicle through the mountains during the winter is asking for disaster.

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I'm honestly not concerned. It's a job that I believe will always require a human operator, at least as far as long haul is concerned. Inner city port stuff though, sure why not. The most dangerous route depends on the season. I70 through the Rockies is hell in the winter, as is I84 and I40. Donner Pass is nasty no matter what time of year.

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Good luck. I was an ac also. The package for ocs is weird and to be honest, it would be better for you to get fully qualified fws before you consider transitioning. Once you get fws, the civilian sector starts to look very enticing....