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I love all the records and the book. I'll list a few of my questions in hopes you get to one of them.

You've talked before about record label pressure. People telling you to make a hit like Wang Chung, cutting down songs like "The Secret," and so on. Are there other songs that suffered because of this? How was it to be able to get away from the bullshit, make Hollywood Park on your own, and tell the story your way?

Assuming there is ever a return to concerts, do you think you'll ever do another live release? I've used the Disney/All I Ever Wanted album to help get others into your music.

Lastly, are there any songs you just get sick of playing on the road? I know it's been forever, so it might not be the case now. But does it ever get old singing love songs from 10+ years ago?

Either way - hoping the world changes soon enough to see you on the rescheduled Hollywood Park tour. Thanks for everything all these years. Your music means the world to me.