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Ascomae106 karma

Yes, I gut mine removed as I was five years old.

I spilled that much blood, I can still remember it over three decay later.

To be honest I still remember the amount of ice cream I was allowed to eat, too.

Sometimes I think I still remember the removing of my tonsils. There was a strange sound like cutting through really thick fabric.

Ascomae2 karma

Ok, that sucks.

Nearly all blue parts of my complete space police set are green now.

And all white plane parts got yellow.

My boys like to play with them anyway.

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Took my old Lego out of my parents cellar. Had been there for 25 years.

Note lord of hosts got yellow. Or blue turned green.

Any idea how to clean out replace these parts?

Ascomae1 karma

What do you think about non Lego bricks?

Especially the quality compared to the original.