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Plenty of people write books and stuff about their crimes.. why can’t he have a YouTube channel? Or would you rather he go back to stealing? Lmao. The fact is that the lawless side is interesting to those that don’t go into it or that far. These people have the experience and some people like to hear it. Don’t knock him for doing legal shit now.

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I know that this may be a little out of your element, but do you think smaller portion, biodegradable packaging would help?

Personally as someone who lives alone, I’m caught buying bigger packages of food than necessary because that’s all there is with little to no constant way to share/give away anything I might not need due to my own physical/financial restrictions. I don’t need everything to be family sized. Also, the waste of box space and bag space with like 50-75% chip bags, cereals, etc.

Looking forward to any thoughts you might be able to offer as it’s something I’ve thought a lot about.