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Thanks for doing this.

My grandfather and grandmother from my mother's side both served in WWII when they were in their early teens as scouts, delivering packages to the resistance (including grenades, ammunition, documents, etc.) It has been a few years since they passed, but I do regret not sitting down with them and just talking about stories of the past, so I appreciate you doing this :)

As for my questions, as a photographer, what do you think of smartphones nowadays, but more importantly their ability to take remarkable photos at a size significantly smaller than what you're used to? Do you still take photos? Do you ever find yourself looking at older photos, and ones you personally took?

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Market crash/recession has been expected for years now.

Why do you think it's been taking so long?

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Do you watch scary movies / get easily scared or do you love it?

Curious as I'm someone who watched a few movies when I was younger, and I haven't watched something or went to a haunted house (and won't) in a while haha

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With the limited amount of sleep I'm already getting, I think I'll pass haha

Even stranger things is a bit much for me

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Before cooking, what were you doing and what made you get into cooking?