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Here you go!

Contributors got an email notifying us that there would be very little new material going forward. So it was dropped on as well!

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I like that question.

There is no person you can't do a caricature of, but sometimes identifying the features to exaggerate can be elusive.

When I did the parody of Brokeback mountain, I thought the caricature of Heath Ledger would be difficult and Jake Gyllenhaal would be easy. But the opposite was true! Heath Ledger was a no problem, and I struggled greatly with Jake Gyllenhaal getting the features just right.

"Barebutt Mountain"

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Alfred E Neuman is very difficult to work with. He never shuts up and he drinks all the coffee.

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Hi NominalPerson! You are the mod on the /r/MADMagazine subreddit, yes? Thanks for being here!

  1. For movies and TV, I immediately watch the show or movie. I need to do my research somehow! I've invested into a home theater to enjoy the movie watching process. I'll read the scripts as well and then I get to work. All creative people run into creative blocks. I'll step away from my work for a while to let the creative juices refuel.

  2. Nope! As an artist, I only work on jobs that they intend to publish.

  3. I would have loved to have done a parody of the new Watchmen series on HBO...

  4. Not necessarily start one... But I sometimes get stumped on ending one! It can be difficult to get the final touches done right.

  5. I enjoyed working on the mini series for Marvel of the Coneheads!

  6. Oh man... I've been collecting them since I moved into my studio, 25 years ago! Picture of my office and my favorite pieces

In my studio I have something called "The Big Three", which have a special place in my heart

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  1. Oh yeah for sure... When I did the parody for the Green Lantern movie I had Green Lantern's ring doing a hand construct that was flipping the bird at the main villain. MAD didn't appreciate that and nixed the idea...

  2. Hmmm... Nothing is coming to mind, they're all incredibly enjoyable and there isn't a single one that stands out.

  3. I have no idea what those words are.