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Extra virgins tend to distribute their ejaculation with a light cold press.

Standard virgins do so with a little bit of heat.

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Between lego grip & drummer... is your second life goal to be mistaken for Popeye?

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Could you please share a picture of your lance?

ArrowRobber60 karma

This is why the older one gets the less one cares about what others think. Long game patience, invested in the task, but not the immediate outcome.

ArrowRobber57 karma

Make shift kinfe carrier is fold them up in a towel.

  1. Open the towel flat
  2. Lay all the knife down so their pointy end is about the same height in the middle of the towel
  3. Space the knifes out so when you roll the towel there is some towel between each knife, no knifes touch
  4. Roll up the towel & the knifes
  5. Fold the bottom part of the towel that contains no knifes up, and rubberband / tie it in place.

You've down made an temporary knife roll (and potentially ruined a towel, so use a cheap one)

edit : I will stand by my 3 different ways to spell & conjugate 'knife' and not give into your brutish pressures.