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in interviews I've heard you say that focusing on the 'core idea' of a sketch is the best way for people starting out to get better. meaning, focus on what's funny about the idea and explore and exploit that idea fully. That's been a big help to me as I learn to write sketches. Do you have any other advice for people who are fairly new to writing sketch and really driven to get better?

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what are your day jobs? (assuming you two don't make enough to live on from these books. if i am incorrect, then i'm sorry and congratulations! that's awesome)

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ha. holy shit. just looked at your performers page. i've seen Beige. you guys are really good!

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i usually go to Maude night. I'm a sketch comedy nerd. the only reason i know about this AMA is because of yesterday when I was refreshing reddit waiting for Odenkirk's AMA to start.