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ArlemofTourhut15 karma

Would you be open to redirecting the focus from cramming together too many topics into a single bill?

I honestly feel like congress would be more effective and productive if you all focused on writing a bill correctly so that it benefited everyone and stopped trying to trade other issues and their fixable viability across the floor in said consolidated bills. I understand needing to make each other amicable, but by "gambling" with the relevance and necessity of other issues, the entirety of congress is doing us the people, the real Americans and real capitalists (not suits aligned and sworn to parties ignoring their ideologies and purpose to expand upon their own capitalist desires/ wealth) a massive disservice.

Like seriously. A federation is still doomed to fail, if the individual "nations" refuse to work together. You all honestly get paid so much, to do less year after year, and I'm hoping that having another veteran on the floor will help to streamline/ expedite procedures.

Otherwise, what are you bringing to the table, that one of America's biggest (AAR-reference) communication break downs does not already have?

EDIT: Also, congratulations on hitting a milestone for yourself and our society.

ArlemofTourhut1 karma

Could that title have been more annoying?

ArlemofTourhut1 karma

Fuck yes!

That's all we, as a country deserve and need right now imo.

Set them straight, Ma'am.