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99% required.
This is how medium and small planes are loaded. Some medium and larger planes are loaded with pre-loaded containers.
Now image doing the same with 3-4 times the distance, the same manpower and with at least double the pace at my airport.

4 wheels and somewhat stable => rolled
2 wheels => rolled/thrown along the ground or same as below
everything else => gets a feeling how flying feels like

And then we stack a 34 kg monster on top of your souvenirs because we don't control the order and have to pack as tight as possible.

So get a non-tiny 4 wheeler. If you go for a hardshell one, buy a HARDshell one. The soft plastic shells tend to break. Otherwise buy a fabric four wheeler, they do fine as well. Pack the most fragile stuff in the centre and then pray that you get a plane loaded with containers.

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What would happen if the football is destroyed by an attack? I assume the US would still be able to retaliate.

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Is the magnet of threads something you set up, or is there some granny out there playing gotta catch em all?

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Let's say my old dad died in home care. Could you summarise what you do from picking up the phone until you send me the bill?
How much for cremation and simple funeral without priest, excluding external service like the cremation itself.

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My father's biggest issues with modern prosthetics are the bad performance on stairs and especially mountains, and the need to charge.

I assume you perform better than anything he was offered and tried, but how well are you adjusting to sudden changes in steepness? How do you differentiate between stairs and slopes? The article only mentiones sensors, what are you measuring for this purpose?

How long does a current charge last, how long for a full load and can one swap the battery in a reasonable time?

I'm studying engineering and your field is an area I'm interested in. Which industries would be a good platform to later join a company as yours? Would you value medical eng. experience at the cost of more traditional one?