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Aristoteleologia328 karma

Did you have (or have you since had) any moral qualms about working for such a notoriously crooked organization as the CIA?

Also, what's your opinion on the many civil casualties resulting from drone strikes--a price worth paying for the lives of terrorists?

Aristoteleologia10 karma

So many words to say nothing. This is not a matter of opinion! There is incontrovertible proof of the criminal history of the CIA, and assumingly you guys didn't get caught every single time you "made mistakes".

Perhaps your true faith and deflecting relativist "niceness" are genuine. If so, I feel sorry for you.

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31 downvotes in 5 minutes. Seems more than a little suspicious and "inorganic" given the state of the thread at this moment.

For the record I agree wholeheartedly.

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thank you for kicking ass for women everywhere

...except for the many non-combatant women who have been killed as a result of drone strikes in countries more or less unjustifiably targeted by the American military-industrial complex and its CIA henchmen (and henchwomen), I suppose.