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Unity 5 is very flexible and powerful, and supports cross platform. It also supports C# and JavaScript, which are an excellent choice for any developers.

I would recommend to stick to unity 5. It has, by my opinion, an "edge" over CryEngine or Unreal Engine:

  • It has a known language that you can use for other projects/engines
  • It has more code packages (logic, AI, utilities,etc.) than other engines, by my opinion
  • It's very flexible and easy to use. again, by my opinion.

But the reality is, that you should chose the game engine according to what you are developing. Some engines are better for block games, some are excellent for graphics, and it really depends on your project

ArikHelman8 karma

CivCraft is a Sandbox RPG with both first person and real time strategy. You can choose to go on adventures or to rule a kingdom, and switch between the FPS and RTS mode whenever you want.

This is something you don't see in any game, especially not a sandbox game. Furthermore, the buildings that you build are populated by civilians, which can talk to you, give you quests and have a personality.

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Our accountant thought that too. :-)

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No, we have invested in that name and can't change it. There's no actual confusion since we are different genres with different concept and graphics

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We are hoping to have a unique game with modding and multiplayer support, as well as the best graphics possible.