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ArielleEstrella80 karma

I work on Mfangano Island (Kenya) and Buvuma Island (Uganda) in Lake Victoria. I’m a PhD student in global health at Drexel University developing a program for economic empowerment of adolescent girls to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS that occurs during transactional sex with older men in the fishing industry. Fish catch is significantly reduced due to the impact of the invasive Nile Perch and nutrification of the lake from runoff of agricultural products amid deforestation (as wood is used to make charcoal to sell).

My question is, what kinds of strategies can community members and public health workers implement to prevent, slow down, or reverse deoxygenation of Lake Victoria? Fish in this lake are a major staple of the local diet and drive the economy. We are in desperate need of tangible solutions to protect and revive Lake Victoria in any way possible.