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We have a TV programover here in the UK called 'embarrassing bodies' it's a bit of a misnomer as you shouldn't be embarrassed but it's a good, medically accurate (it's presented by three doctors), informative and entertaining show.

Have you heard of it? I believe they are in America, thought of applying to appear on it? @doctorchristian is one of the presenters if you wanted to look him up on twitter?

Basically if you don't know, they send you to specialists who can help (if you wanted it of course?)

Anyway, thanks for this AMA. TiL. :-)

EDIT: this is their page. http://www.channel4embarrassingillnesses.com/

Doctor Christian: http://www.drchristianjessen.com/

Doctor Pixie: http://www.pixiemckenna.co.uk/

Doctor Dawn: http://www.drdawn.com/

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I remember the episode well. Brilliantly simple yet life changing.

My question would be if you could pick any past or present 'captain of industry' as a partner who would you pick and why?

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Ever do any work for the CPS? Any choice words m'learned friend?