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That's actually really interesting, I never thought of the fact that fretless instruments force you to train your ear. Would you say the same level of advantage applies to other fretless string instruments, or does violin afford some extra edge over the others?

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My family is real goofy and fixated on our Scottish lineage, with the little hand surrounded by a belt and our "Ne Parcas Nec Spernas" and such, even though we were all born in the US. So I guess my question is, do Scottish people really give a shite about clans or is that just something we do to maintain some sense of cultural identity here in the States?

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Nice, I'm gonna see if I can get Limmy to put me on his dumb show. Thanks for the reply!

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I can't imagine most are really bothered by it, though I did casually mention it to a Scottish dude on some online game, and he really blew up about classism or something. And I'm just like "yeah... but the tartan sure looks nice."

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That's pretty funny, but real talk, can you get Ian Anderson to play my birthday party?