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I grew up watching Kids Say the Darndest Things with my dad. Great times. Thank you.

What was your favorite memory from your time doing that show?

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Come to The Gorge in Washington St. Paradiso is there this summer, I hope you'll be there. Dillon Francis said it was his favorite festival of the year.

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What illegal drugs, if any, do you consider to not truly be a problem?

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Some can definitely go to is to learn new things, but it's hard as shit at times. Often because many learn helplessness because some staff aren't patient enough to teach and do everything the people they support.

It really depends on functionality of the individual, IMO, but I think every individual has the potential to learn something new, despite how insignificant it may be.

I work with very behaviorally aggressive folks as far as a residential setting (not a hospital/institution, but out of a home) goes, we are often the last home an individual will live at before going to a hospital/institution type setting due to behavior, but, IMHO, we do a damn good job of preventing negative behaviors and integrating the individuals into the community and keeping them happy. We've only had one person go to a state hospital since I've been here, and I wanted him to stay so badly.

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I read in another comment of yours that you're a caregiver at a retirement home. Good for you. I'm a caregiver for developmentally disabled adults, pretty similar. I am 25.

This isn't something I ever encounter, besides once, someone I work for/with dying I mean. A lot of the people I work with I see over long period of time, years usually, and get semi-attached, I would consider one to be my own family actually.

When one guy I worked with passed, he had moved out of my care before it happened, I was devastated to say the least.

My question, and I hope I didn't miss this elsewhere, is how much does this effect you, your emotions, and your relationships with family and friends?