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There's a documentary on this where so many people die from wing suit accidents, they were interviewing a guy about it and he does a jump for the documentary... And crashes and nearly dies.

It's one of if not THE most dangerous sport. Easy to make simple mistakes even as a pro, and one wipe out can end you.

EDIT: Yes it's the Jeb Corliss one. There are plenty of cuts of it on YouTube, I can't find the exact one I watched.

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Yep! You completely lose perspective on what's a "reasonable reaction", because you (as the guy who made it) know every nuance, and after testing and debugging a million times it's burned into muscle memory.

Not that anyone can play it anymore because Flash, but I think I'm the only person to beat one of my college game projects because of that. I still can, but even for me it's a brutal grind now. When I made it I could run the whole thing on auto pilot. https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/287543

EDIT: My first "big/real" game is almost old enough to vote and you guys are playing it, you all are a wonderful bunch of people! Thanks for making my quarantine a lot brighter.

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Did you eventually infiltrate them or was that the end of it?

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My wife has this (the name has changed btw, it's now idiopathic intracranial hypertension I believe). So sorry you have to deal with it, it sucks.

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2048 may be more solvable than Threes, but the barrier is already high enough for the average gamer to make it fun.

I get what they were trying to do with Threes, but it set the bar too high.

Plus yeah, free.