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It's because in Australia, everything is upside down!

jk, jk, I'll just show myself out...

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Does this service only do print books, or do they take care of Kindle/Nook/other e-reader editions as well?

I've been long planning to write an actually useful, "teach yourself" style textbook for adults to learn Hungarian... This summer I may just take the big step!

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Thank you!

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Impressive list, and I can barely wait to see them. Any chance we will ever see you produce a documentary on the First World War?

I am personally fascinated by this... the first appearance of aeronautics in a major conflict, but the last major war where swords played a role; and the only major war where tanks and horses fought side-by-side on the battlefield. I would love to see your view on it.

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Sorry, but you're SOL. I'm married.