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any pizza joint that delivers wings will be shitty like that with any of their "sauced" wings because it will sit in a container steaming itself for a while and getting soggy and end up rubbery like youre describing.

However their unsauced winghs or their dry rub wings are actually decent and theyre still crunchy by the time they get to you at least in my experience with dominos and pizza hut wings

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Hey there, question if you're still around here answering. What's the possibility of prosthetic limbs for someone with your condition? if the entire limb is removed and replaced with say , one of those arms that are controlled with your brain kind of like this example


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hey thanks for the reply .

Also it’s tricky because surgery causes more bone to grow and it could affect the effectiveness of the arm

This is exactly what I was wondering as well. But if there's no tissue there for it to turn to bone, would it matter? aside from where the cut and surrounding area is of course.

definitely an interesting concept, i hope technology gets to a point where it could be a real accessible option . Hard to say if I would go through with it , I guess if there was a chance of me being able to control the legs with my brain once i get to the point where i cant walk anymore. But if you are able to walk right now then definitely not.