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What is Judy Greer like when she's not doing Cheryl/Carol? The way the character has evolved is one of my favorite parts of the show. Everyone is deranged in their own way, but Cheryl has just sprinted into full-on psychosis. How much of this comes from Judy?

Can't wait for the next season of Archer, and I'm going to check out Hart of America as soon as I'm done with work!

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Dave Chappelle's skit where he impersonates you is one of the singular most hilarious things I've ever seen on TV, and I love the fact that you're doing this AMA in all caps. It's like I can hear you yelling the answers in front of a laptop somewhere. That being said, is there a quiet side to Lil Jon, or are you "on" 24/7?

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What's the longest you went without a shower? I'm talking hot-water-separate-soap-for-your-head-and-body-stand-in-there-as-long-as-you-want.

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That's good. There's nothing more destructive to morale than not being able to clean yourself, I'm my experience.

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Ugh...19 days was the tops for me. I wore underwear 4 days in a row without ever wearing it the same way twice. I had socks that were slimy. I would have knifed someone who tried to steal my wet naps.