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at least 27.. but thats the lifestyle I've chosen

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The archaeology of Britain by John Hunter and Ian Ralston was my first book! It gives quite a good overview of all periods in Britain

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It definitely looks that shape! Theres been SO many ideas thrown about in a group of us! mostly ridiculous haha

Thanks! I really think so too! I love doing archaeology

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Theres usually volunteering opportunities! but it depends where you are.. a lot of digs ask to be paid for you to volunteer.. but there are a lot that don't ask for a fee and are happy for you to come and volunteer on.. Try looking for community archaeology digs..

When I first volunteered i had no previous experience and just wanted to see how I'd like it

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Weird is a hard one. Theres nothing exceptionally strange has happened. I think discovering the pendant was super unexpected.. I don't think it was on many peoples minds to find art at the site