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Arch359112 karma

Hello Jason!

Thank you for taking the time to do an AMA. I have several questions, actually.

  1. What do you think is the likelihood of us finding life on one of the icey moons (Enceladus / Europa) within our solar system or possibly within the methane oceans of Titan beyond the form of a microbe? And if there are any chances, what form do you think it would take?

  2. If/when we discover life outside of our solar system farther in the future, what form of life would you be most interested to learn about? (Avian, Aquatic, Predatorial, etc)

  3. And Finally: I'm a graphic designer and looking to move into a more scientific role with bringing communication/information design to the complex nature of science. I want to be able to illustrate and convey challenging concepts and data to a wider ranged audience for better educational means. What would you suggest is the best route or starting steps I should take to move my design to a more professional science setting?

Thank you for your time!