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Crappiest villain ever.

Anyway, godspeed you magnificent bastard.

Are there any risks?

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Hello Cenk!

First of all, congratulations on your record number of views on your channel. Interesting that your "The Biggest, Most Corrupt Bank Scheme That's Not Being Stopped " video was playing in the background as I saw your AMA.

Now for my first question:

In your opinion what will happen if the current rigged banking system will continue as it is at the moment? What will happen to the economy of the US and what measures will be implemented to combat the effects.

And my second question:

I remember back in 200- when you started that literally all TYT videos were spammed with nothing but hate. Has that affected you in any way at that time, and what was your reaction back then?

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It was hubris... He was an arogant ass all his life.. And he probably thought he knew better that oncologists... Come on. He was a smart cookie but even geniuses can be idiots sometimes (Linus Pauling for ex. ) , or in regards to some notions they know nothing about.

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Heck, he tries to convince them that homosexuality is normal saying that animals do it and that it makes sense evolutionary. What the fuck?

Why are you surprised by this statement?

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how cool it is that you can say with a straight face that "you" tinkered with your cells to produce a healthy(hopefully) child. It's like a science project.

"Look honey, We made a girl from scratch".