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Talk to someone who's escaped from North Korea in the past few years, or who survived the Khmer Rouge...just because the Holocaust was 70 years ago doesn't mean it hasn't happened again since then.

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This thread is no good to me without pictures!

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I spoke to the Assistant AG on the case, and he said that they did not press these cases too hard out of concern that it could go to the Supreme Court and result in a ruling that reverse settlements are OK under patent law. I mentioned that doing nothing produced the same result, and he seemed perplexed by the idea.

LOL. Why am I not surprised at this? Case law is a fascinating thing, although I can understand why the state might not want to have the distinction of attaching their name to a new SCOTUS ruling.

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A better question would be: "How many of those people experiencing a mental health issue expressed or acted in a way to indicate that they wanted to force officers to kill them?"

I have had a long, passionate discussion with a man who had planned on committing suicide by cop by attacking me. It's a hell of a thing to understand until you've been there. I never see the media discussing the motivations and actual ways of preventing suicidal individuals from using law enforcement to kill themselves.

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Do you feel any sort of moral qualms about essentially providing material aid to a country that considers itself at war with the US?