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If you could change anything about the English language or writing system, what would you change?

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Hi! What particular things do you think will be bottlenecks in the practical application of longevity research that could use more people in the near future and that would be most worth trying to break into? Thanks!

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What were your favorite non-domesticated foods that you think would be nicest to see cultivated for the average person? I personally like serviceberries and mayapples, although the toxins in mayapples are a bit of a problem. And eastern black raspberry, of course, those are always a favorite.

I tried to grow a nannyberry once but the stupid viburnum beetles destroyed it. Once had a really cool chequer tree, but my neighbor dumped a few tons of soil on it. Goumi fruit is nice though, and their relative the autumn olive is okay. Before realizing just how much anything that wasn't corporate corn or soy monoculture was detested in the plant genetics community, I had aspirations of getting a molecular genetics PhD working with these sorts of things.