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Many reports of this,yes.

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I live in San Juan and Con Edison is everywhere and doing a great job. They just showed up last week sometime though. Hope they get to where OP is soon.

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Also a small biz owner in SJ. FML right guys?!

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Not OP but I live in San Juan and have been active in relief work. Local governments mismanaged plenty before the hurricanes. Federal has mismanaged most everything since. For example, there is a mountain of beaurocracy (I’ve never been able to spell that word) for me, representing an aid group, to pore through in order to get a pallet of water delivered to a hard hit community. Why? Because there were early reports of mayors etc stealing them (I was told a “handful” of incidents).

So fema installed tighter controls. Which is a major fuck up because retail value of a pallet of water is literally $400, fema cost might be half of that. So why not just drop another pallet of water, or two or three? MAKE SURE PEOPLE HAVE WATER, for example? Nope. Instead fema made it a mess and super difficult for anyone to even step in and assist in the many ways that fema was falling short. The optics of free flowing water would have driven DOWN the likelihood anyone would steal it. Instead they made water even more scarce and hijackings etc picked up some and the controls got even tighter.

There are many other examples. Feds mismanaged this in a myriad of ways. Local govt too, but the feds are the reasons why people continue to die.