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Kirkland is pretty amazing. They do a similar process to us wherein they research all the best manufacturers and only sell stuff that they deem to be as good, or better than brand name competition. You can buy with confidence (and return at anytime if you're not satisfied).

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Buy now, don't look back (I don't have flair but I do work for Wirecutter. Here's my twitter where I mention that). This is literally the best reviewed TV of all time and Panasonic is ceasing production of plasmas in 2014 so, as Geoff Morrison told me (paraphrasing): It will be a long time before any other technology gets to the point where you can buy something this good for this little money.

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Mattresses are a white whale for sure. For now we rely on Sleep Like the Dead

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We've been making an effort to be more proactive in our use of Wait Statuses. The problem with what you're suggesting is that often we come across road blocks even in the final stages of edit that require weeks, if not months to get around.

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Like it'll come to final edit approval, and we'll catch some fatal flaw or misstep in testing that warrants re-testing. Or a new product that looks to be very promising will come out and we'll be caught flat footed. With Air Purifiers, we ended up delaying for over a year and had to retest 3 times before getting it right.