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In Canada, voting on a budget bill is a confidence vote, so if it fails to pass, it means that the government no longer has the confidence of the house, and a new election must be called.

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This is actually a really interesting perspective, I'm surprised at the low comment scores and the surprisingly few questions.

Anyway, there's a lot of questions I could ask but I'll keep it to this:

Facebook has become an intrinsic part of society. People have told me that not having an account is considered suspicious, and it's not uncommon for people dating other people or people researching potential hires to try to find out more about that person. Do you have any convincing arguments as to why people should care about their privacy or be less trusting of Facebook?

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That's the guy who made the paintings in Minecraft.

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Swatting can and has resulted in people getting shot, and with a very possible chance of innocent people being killed. "Stupid kids" make mistakes all the time, but calling bomb threats? Saying you're going to shoot a bunch of people? And deliberately doing it so as to hurt somebody, possibly endangering their lives?

That's not stupid. That's malicious and mean.